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  • The Storyboard Method®

    The art and science
    of presenting ideas


    A step by step framework composed of 10 simple tools for creating presentations using the power of a clear visual story: for a sales meeting, team project, conference, video or digital publication.


    The goal is to teach people how to create pitches, product innovation narratives and sales stories that can be heard easily by each individual audience, delivered with confidence, and motivate action.

    New Management Habits

    Mastering the practice
    of listening, question-asking

    and team flow

    A method conceived as a journey

    to strengthen 5 vital skills:

    • investigation
    • listening
    • asking questions
    • qualifying needs
    • constructing solutions

    Strategic narratives

    Creating a perfect story
    for each audience


    One-to-one creation process

    of strategic stories and business narratives with executives,

    directors and teams that are necessary for high-stake presentations, discourses or projects.


    Information Mapping

    Build your own
    visual toolbox


    Training modules that combine Mind Mapping, drawing and other creative techniques to help people organize ideas and clarify complex information.


    The goal is to increase autonomy, efficiency, and team decision-making.

  • Some of our clients from Africa, Europe and America

    African Science Leadership Program, Airbus Group, Anthemis Group London, BNP Paribas, ESADE Business School, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IESE, MAC Cosmetics, Ferrero, Mylan Laboratories, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oxford University Press, Ricoh, Roche, Hospital Clínic, Telecommunication and Technology Center of Catalonia

  • Founders and facilitation team

    Co-creators of The Storyboard Method and co-authors of the book about the method to be published in 2018 by Penguin Random House


    Marion Charreau

    International trainer and consultant specialized in mapping information, drawing ideas and creative pedagogy


    Marion has a wide range of experience training in different sectors that include the aerospace, banking, telecommunications, technology, transport, culture and education. She collaborates with institutions in Europe.


    Marion conceptualizes and produces visual content; her graphic facilitation techniques help to clarify, organize and make information visible in order to create connections, generate new ideas and stimulate teamwork dynamics.


    Author of the book: Le Français vu du ciel: An illustrated journey through the French language

    Jenifer L. Johnson

    International trainer and consultant specialized in narrative mapping and strategic story creation


    She began her professional career creating programs and developing new narrative maps and strategic stories for businesses, NGOs, foundations and the governments of the US and Spain.


    She worked as a lobbyist in Washington DC

    to help create fresh political discourses for members of Congress and fund billion dollar legislation that responded to needs in public health.


    Jenifer also gives workshops, seminars and courses on the art of entrepreneurship, storyboarding and innovative storytelling at several European universities.

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